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The PDA is currently available FREE to download in the iPhone and Google Play Stores.  Enjoy!
ATTN Messengers:  You are invited to join the Personal Development App to share your message and promote your products and services.  There are several options for you to be in this amazing app, from FREE to a very small investment to share and teach your message to an expanding base of people interested in Personal Growth.  Leverage the most powerful marketing platform available today by joining the PDA!
Free Basic Listing
In order to build the largest mobile app Personal Development community of experts, we are offering all PD Experts a free listing in the our app.  Each free listing includes:

Name, Business Name, Description and link to your website.

Totally FREE!  However, you can share more with the options below...
Special Offer Listing - Promotions
This option will connect your "premium listing" to a special offer screen, which you update and change through a web portal page that connects to your profile.  Now instead of just being listed, you're now enticing people with deals from your business (products, services, coaching, events, livestreams, etc.).

Each special offer listing gets...

* Premium Listing (stands out better in the listing pages)
* Special Offer Screen (post a video, description, headline and link)
* Web Portal to change your special offer anytime
Full Profile Listing - Educate Our Users
There is a reason why you started your business and created your natural food product(s).  Most people don't know these reasons or the unique nature or benefits of your products.  This is where you come in to educate them.  A full profile is like having a powerful website presence inside the app where you can share content about your products, ingredients, benefits, and share a list of products and links to where they can get them.

     * Videos (videos you create on your products/benefits)
     * Articles (a basic blog - your content or others you invite)
     * Journal Lessons(makes your message personal to user)
     * "Ask The Expert" (answer questions users send you)
     * Special Offer Screen (promote a specific product or offer)
     * Promote upcoming events
(in-person or online events)
     * Submit Tips and Life Hacks
     * Archive of previously submitted content
Options and Costs: Choose One Below...
Launch Special: Prices below reflect a 50% off regular price (for the first 50 PD Experts)
FREE Listing
  • Basic Listing in Business List
  • Listed in One Category
  • Links to Your Website
  • Upgrade Anytime
OR $149 FOR 1 YEAR
Normally $299
  • Premium Listing
  • Promote Products, Services, Discounts, Promotions, Coupons
  • Promote Events or Special Happenings
  • Listed in One Category
  • Pay Monthly or save w/ 1-year
Most Popular, Best Value!
full Profile Option
OR SAVE $88 @
$497 FOR 1 YEAR
Normally $997
  • Premium Listing Plus...
  • Full Profile to share expert knowledge (videos, articles, etc.)
  • Promote and list "In-Person" or "Online" Events in Events Section 
  • Submit Tips and Life Hacks for additional exposure
  • Pay Monthly or save w/ 1-year
Most Exposure!
Become a PDA
Livestream Leader...
 Share a Talk in the PDA Virtual Tour...
Frequently Asked Questions...
When will the app be available in app stores?
Our PDA app was submitted to both the iPhone and Google Play App stores on March 9th and is currently available to download for free.  It has about 30 personal development experts listed in the app with new experts being added almost everyday.
Who will be downloading this app and using it?
This app is designed to share positive and powerful messages with people interested in personal growth on a variety of different topics.  The topics depend on the experts who are in the app sharing their message.  We expect this app to be downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people interested in improving their lives.
 Can I interact with the App Users?
The only way to interact with users in this app is through our Full Profile option which has a section called "Ask the Expert."  Since you are the expert who created the products you sell, we want our users to be able to send you questions you can answer publicly in the app (in the Ask The Expert section) or privately through email.
What's the difference between a special offer and full profile?
There is a huge difference between the Special Offer option and Full Profile option.  Special Offer comes with an enhanced listing and linked to a special offer screen for you to promote something you want.  You can only promote one item but you can change it whenever you want.  The Full Profile, however, is like having a complete website in this app focused on your business and products.  You can share videos, articles, a journal lesson feature, interact through the Ask The Expert and you also get a Special Offer screen.  And... you can promote events, submit Tips and Health Hacks and you are heavily considered for our Spotlight section (especially if you send us samples to experience).  Full Profile is by far the best value and will be our most popular option.
How do I add content to my profile in the app?
Once you sign up we will send you a "Client ID" and instructions on how to setup your web portal that connects to your account in the app.  This web portal lets you login and add content whenever you want and it's as simple as filling out forms.  We also provide instructions and training on how to use your portal account. 
Am I locked into an annual contract?
We offer a 1-Year option on Special Offer and Full Profile options to save you a bunch of money.  Or you can pay monthly and can cancel at any point.  Our launch deal is so good right now, the 1-year option is the best way to go.
Can I upgrade from any level?
Yes you can upgrade to a new level anytime.  Just contact us and we'll tell you how.  Our Leader option, however, is limited to 50 total educators so upgrading to that depends on availability and whether you qualify.
What is the Spotlight all about?
We have our own section of the app where we will be adding our own content to the app often.  It will be the most visited profile in the app BUT it will all be focused on the experts in the app (You) and the products you offer.  We will post videos we like that you add to your profile, we will do reviews on products, events and messages (always positive), we will store our livestream videos there, and do special members only events through our profile.  You can increase your chance of "being in the spotlight" by being one of our full profile, leaders or being a part of our PDA Tour and doing a live talk.
More Questions? Email -
What is a PDA Leader?
Our app is an educational app for consumers to access a wide variety of personal development messages.  We are not the experts.  You are.  So we have an option for you to become one of our "Leaders."  What this means is you'll work with us to offer your own Livesteam events that we promote and broadcast through the app, through Youtube LIVE and through Facebook LIVE.  You teach people about topics that will benefit them and highlight your products and your company in the process.  We also include our Leaders in our own Livestream PDA Summits (details below), which is another way to get amazing exposure.  You started your business and are an expert in your messdage, right?  Why not teach that to our users and get massive exposure!
Is there a monthly payment option for an Leader
Since our Leader option is very limited and we are promoting this to thousands and thousands of personal development experts, AND because we invest a lot of our own time and money into promoting your events, profile and business because you are an leader, we have decided to only offer this option at our 1-year plan.  Being a leader means you are committed to working with us to teach our users and in return get great exposure over the course of the year.
What are the livestream events about? 
A Livestream event is when we connect with you using our video technology via a video connection (Skype or Zoom for example) and then connect that stream to our broadcast that will go out over our App, over Youtube Live, over Facebook Live and recorded for people to watch later.  You can teach, do a talk, have us interview you or share your knowledge in whatever way you can think of.  We live in an amazing "connected world" and we have built this connection into our app for you to reach consumers in exciting ways.
What is a PDA Livestream Summit?
Every few months we will organize an all day Summit, which will be our own Livestream event and promote and broadcast it out to all of our app users.  Our summits will include talks from our leaders, panel discussions, interviews, and highlights of products and ideas that we think our viewers will love.  Our Leaders will be experts participating in these summits.
What is your pre-launch special?
Until we get 50 experts in the app (anything above free listings) we are discounting our app options by 50% .  Our prices at the regular cost is already very low but our launch special is an impossible opportunity to pass up, especially if you can lock in the price for the next year.
Who are you and why did you create this app?
We are a small team of marketing experts, teachers and app developers who are passionate about creating apps that make a difference in peoples lives.  Robert Evans, one of the concept creators of this app has been involved in the personal growth training world for the past 18 years.  Our apps are designed to educate and improve people's lives and the PDA is the ultimate platform for messengers to make a difference and share their message.
Do you have an app technology for an individual business?
We have created an app platform that is "white labeled branded" for businesses and available at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop your own app.  We use in this app some of the concepts and technologies of this individual app but with a branded app it only features you and includes a lot more features and options.  If you are looking to have your own branded mobile app and can't spend $30k+ to develop a good one, then you'll want to talk to us about our Expert App Platform.  It will blow your mind!  Click the button below to setup a private demo call to see this app in action.  And... if you want to see what an Expert App looks like, download the app "Live Your List" in iPhone or Android app stores and see how it works.
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