Lead LIVEstream Events
Leverage The Power of Live Online Events and Become one our PDA Educators!
The PDA is currently available FREE to download in the iPhone and Google Play Stores.  Enjoy!
Be One of Our LiveStream Leaders / Educators...
Lead LIVEstream Events That We Stream Through App and Promote to ALL App Users!
We live in a world where we can connect and teach live events to people around the world from the comfort of our home and offices.  This app has taken that ability and integrated a livestream feed for a limited number of experts to lead our app users through their teachings and expertise. 

An Expert not only shares content through their own profile (see above - videos, articles, product information, questions, etc) but as a leader you will create and deliver "LIVE" events that is streamed through the app.  We then market and notify our app users about the events and when to open it to watch them.  This will be the most effective way to get your message, business, products or services out to a lot of people and inspire them to buy and use your products.
VERY Limited!
Only 20 Leaders Are Accepted.
Email Robert@appbrosdesign.com to discuss the option of becoming a Leader through our app.
What are the livestream events about?
A Livestream event is when we connect with you using our video technology via a video connection (Skype or Zoom for example) and then connect that stream to our broadcast that will go out over our App, over Youtube Live, over Facebook Live and recorded for people to watch later.  You can teach, do a talk, have us interview you or share your knowledge in whatever way you can think of.  We live in an amazing "connected world" and we have built this connection into our app for you to reach consumers in exciting ways.
What is the Spotlight all about?
We have our own section of the app where we will be adding our own content to the app often.  It will be the most visited profile in the app BUT it will all be focused on the experts in the app (You) and the products you offer.  We will post videos we like that you add to your profile, we will do reviews on products, events and messages (always positive), we will store our livestream videos there, and do special members only events through our profile.  You can increase your chance of "being in the spotlight" by being one of our full profile, leaders or being a part of our PDA Tour and doing a live talk.
More Questions? Email - info@appbros.co
 Is there a monthly payment option for an Leader?  
Since our Leader option is very limited and we are promoting this to thousands and thousands of personal development experts, AND because we invest a lot of our own time and money into promoting your events, profile and business because you are an leader, we have decided to only offer this option at our 1-year plan.  Being a leader means you are committed to working with us to teach our users and in return get great exposure over the course of the year.
 Tell me more about being a PDA Leader/Educator...  
Our app is an educational app for consumers to access a wide variety of personal development messages.  We are not the experts.  You are.  So we have an option for you to become one of our "Leaders."  What this means is you'll work with us to offer your own Livesteam events that we promote and broadcast through the app, through Youtube LIVE and through Facebook LIVE.  You teach people about topics that will benefit them and highlight your products and your company in the process.  We also include our Leaders in our own Livestream PDA Summits (details below), which is another way to get amazing exposure.  You started your business and are an expert in your messdage, right?  Why not teach that to our users and get massive exposure!
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