The PDA Speaking Tour
The ultimate way to share your message and be promoted through the app!
The PDA is currently available FREE to download in the iPhone and Google Play Stores.  Enjoy!
The PDA Tour is a limited opportunity to be featured in the PDA as one of our "Original Content Speakers" through our Virtual Event Tour
Our Winter Virtual Tour is Now On!
One Option Secures a Spot on our Next Live US/Canada Tour
Share Your Business Message In the PDA with a Full Profile...
Option One: Virtual Talk + Special Offer Listing
  • Deliver a 15 Minute Talk Through Our Virtual Connection
  • Talk is listed in our PDA Talks / Original Content section
  • Setup of a Special Offer listing to use to promote your products and programs to our app users
Cost:  $199 or 12 payments of $19
Option Two: Virtual Talk, Interview + Full Profile
  • Deliver a 15 Minute Talk Through Our Virtual Connection
  • Talk is listed in our PDA Talks / Original Content section
  • Secures a spot in our next live tour across US and Canada
  • Includes a Virtual Q&A session within our PDA Show
  • Setup of a FULL profile in the app to share content and engage with our app users
Cost:  $499 or 12 payments of $49
Frequently Asked Questions About PDA Virtual Tour
What is a Virtual Talk?
Since we are not on the road doing our LIVE tour we have created another way for you to share your message through a virtual connection.  Basically we connect to you via a Zoom meeting and then record you doing your own 15 minute talk from the comfort of your home or office.  As long as you have a good internet connection we can usually capture a pretty high quality recording.
What are the main benefits of doing a Talk?
Being one of our experts in this app provides the highest level of exposure in the PDA app but it also gives you much more.  You'll be featured as an "Original Content Providers" and your talk will be featured in different ways and different areas of the app. 
How will my talk be used and how will it be promoted?
Your talk will be added to the PDA app after we finish recording it.  It will be promoted in several places in the app along with info about your business, more of your message, offers you have for people to buy your products or services, and even more chances to connect with our app users live, depending on the option you choose. 
What are the difference the between Special Offer and Full Profile options?
The biggest difference between the two options is the ongoing exposure you get in the app and the ways in which you can engage with our app users.  The full profile lets you share content and use many different areas of the
Can I promote or sell something during my talk?
The short answer is No.  The reason is we want the talks to be about content, about message, about transformation.  We are not doing "pitch talks" because if we do we will lose our audience.  However, the app will be the place you get to promote and sell things and as a whole, throughout each event we will be inviting people to download the app and visit your profile for more info.
What are the other advantages of the Full Profile option?
Other than being able to share content in the app you will also be invited to do a live in person talk on our 2019 PDA Tour and we will interview you in our PDA Q&A Show to keep highlighting your business and message.