The Tracka' Program
The Ultimate Message Sharing Viral Marketing Product Ever Created!
These mini-books are one of the most unique and powerful publishing concepts available to messengers today.  Not only do they share your message but they are incredibly effective in connecting readers with your additional content and work and engaging them with your programs, products and offers.  There are many ways to leverage the Tracka'Book concept... click below to find out.
A concept created over 13 years ago with millions of cards sold and shipped around the world, this powerful idea of sharing a simple message to inspire people while showing them the power of "passing the message along" is now exclusively integrated with the PDA and our Expert App technology.

Each "Trackable" card is linked to your profile in the app and each time a card is passed along and tracked your message will get more exposure.  This is unique and effective and an inexpensive way to promoting your work.   Check out all the options...
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