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5 Powerful Ways to Leverage The Tracka'Book Concept
#1. The PDA Guide Series
Each PDA Guide will feature 5 authors.  If more than 5 authors choose a category (Spirituality, Empowerment, etc), then the next book rolls over to Vol. 2, Vol. 3, etc.  First come first signup to get in the early publishing of the first books.  The $250 discount is only good until October 15th.  For complete details make sure you click the button to the right.
The PDA Guide To...
Be a contributing author!
This is one of the most powerful and cost effective ways to leverage the Tracka'Book concept in the PDA.   These "Guides" are 48 page mini-books published by the PDA and heavily promoted, sold and distributed through the publishing channels of the PDA and the app itself. 

Since this will be one of the most popular Tracka'Book programs in the PDA, the details are more extensive, so click the button directly below to get complete details on this option so you can decide if this is what you want to be a part of.
BONUS for Vol 1 Authors
If you decide to be one of the authors in the first vol of the PDA Guide To... books then you will get as a bonus 1000 Custom Tracka'Cards, which is a $199 value.  Jump on this offer now for it is limited and only available until October 15th.
#2. Publish Your Own Custom Tracka'Book
One of the most powerful ways to set yourself apart from other authors is to write a book that people are inspired by and feel rewarded to pass along.  Having a book sit on a bookshelf or a drawer is kinda sad, especially if that book can be given to another person. Plus, books are a gateway to your other messages...  Your videos, additional writing, coaching, programs, events, etc.  They are really marketing tools for you. 

A Custom Tracka'Book is your own book, published by you, which leverages the Tracka'Book technology and audience of the PDA.  Once printed your book leads your readers to your content in the app.  You sell the books (or give them away) and people are driven to the app to track the "path" or "history" of that book and then they pass it along. 

We will even sell and ship the books for you in the PDA or link them to you to sell and ship yourself.  This option to write your own Tracka'Book is what this technology was really designed for.
From $499 to $1,999 (Done for You or Do it yourself)
Custom Tracka'Books
The Done for You is where you provide the written content and we do all the rest for you... cover design, layout, barcode and printing of 1,000 books.

Do It Yourself gives you the setup in the PDA App (or your own Expert App) and step-by-step instructions on publishing (printing) the book yourself. 

If you don't know which option to take then email to discuss with Robert.
#3. Leverage Our Stock Tracka'Books
From $99 to $499 (50-300 books)
"One Simple Act" &
"The Gratitude Movement"
The PDA is publishing two unique Tracka'Books focused on two powerful topics - Appreciation and Gratitude.  These two books are not author specific because they are designed to be used by experts in the PDA to lead people to their profile.

The concept is simple...  you order a qty. of these books at wholesale prices and either sell them or give them away.  Each of these books have "Tracking Numbers" in them and each number is assigned to your profile in the PDA app.  So as people use these books, pass them along, track them in the PDA, they are led to your profile or special offer screen.

Watch the video at the top of the page to learn about the topics and concepts of these two books.
#4. Turn Your Existing Book into a Tracka'Book!
Have you written a book and published it by self or traditional publishing?  We have a way for ANY book to become a Tracka'Book using our Tracka'Book Tracking Labels

Take your existing books and turn them into viral marketing tools and exciting new concepts for your readers.  Now your book can use the tracking technology in the PDA to link your books to your profile content.  Not only can one book lead to 10 or more people, because of the exciting tracking concept, but they can engage people in your other work.  Isn't that one of the most important purposes of writing a book?

Just take a label, already numbered and assigned to you in the PDA, and affix it to the inside cover of your book.  Viola!  Your book is a Tracka'Book.
Special November Offer: $50 for 500 labels
The Tracka'Book Tracking Label
#5. Publish Your Own Compilation Book
$199 deposit (to setup your offer pages & links for your authors to signup for your compilation book: this deposit is refunded after you get the 4 other authors)
Publish a Tracka'Book
with 4 Authors & Yourself
Would you like to publish a Tracka'Book with your message in it and not have it cost you anything in the end?  Would you like us to print, market and offer that book through the PDA?

This option is designed for "connected" messengers who either have a tribe they want to offer the Tracka'Book opportunity to or a group of other messengers they want to co-author a book with.   Use this opportunity as a high level offer to your clients to promote their business and message through a book that you are branding under your business.

For example - you teach other messengers (authors, speakers, coaches, etc) and you want to create a series of books, like we have done with the PDA Guide To... under your brand where your clients write pieces on their message.  This both supports them and builds your own brand and can be done where in the end it doesn't cost you anything to have that done. 
There are several ways to go about doing this, so if you are interested in setting this up, then contact to discuss with Robert.
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